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It is the eternal game... (Giuseppe Zollo's biography)

{autore=zollo giuseppe}I was born in Naples in 1960. In 1978 I qualify at the Art High School of Naples. Later I attend for two years the faculty of architecture then, I decide to enrol myself to the University of Fine Arts, following the painting course of master Domenico Spinosa. I graduate in 1985. From an informal painting training, characterised by the teaching of master Spinosa, I choose figurative painting in order to summarize my artistic experiences, stimulated by the poetics of Rabindranath Tagore, who, inside his poetry leading to dialogue, searching constantly for God, the One, the Creating Being, succeeds in making the best of creativity, inside an ontological vision of art. One of his poems says: “I jump into the ocean of the shapes, trying to find the pearl, the perfect pearl of shapeless... Inside this sentence is condensed the path of my creativity, attracted from the flowing colour, which is light. Colour gives life to the classical shape of Greek sculpture and at the same time is absolute pregnancy, symbol of the creative idea, so that it can transcend the shape. I want to communicate the same heart-rending and deep joy feeling of the last movement of the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Painting as matter to amalgamate. Reproducing shapes, trying to give life, atmosphere, sensuality and emotions. This is what I mean by painting. It is the eternal game of riding the techne; the know-how, to give shape to imagination, that satisfaction in succeeding which brings you further on. This is how painting should be loved. Art, then.. .. will come as the dawn and open the day. Traduzione creativa di Rebecca Zani

"i colori del mare" 2008

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